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Reservation Notice

| Reservation Notice |:
1. Check-in, check-out time
Check-in time from 15:00 to 24:00 on check-in day. Tell us in advance if you will check-in after 21:00
Check-out before 11:00. A 500NTD will be charged per hour after 11:00.
2. Room Rates: Different rates apply according to weekday, Friday, Saturday, and long holidays. Please check our website for room rates.
5. How to reserve: you can reserve rooms through hotel booking sites, Hotel Kuei’s website, or call us to reserve rooms.
6. A deposit of 30% room rate should be paid within three days (including the day the reservation being made). 
6. Cancellation
You may cancel your reservation on the date of check-in at a fee of 30% of the check-in day room charge.
Half of the 30% of the check-in day room charge will be assessed for cancellation within three days before check-in date.
30% of the 30% of the check-in day room charge will be charged for cancellation within fourteen days before check-in date.
Cancellation made before fourteen days will be fully refunded of the 30% room rate, as a deposit, of the check-in day.
(All refunds will be deducted of 15 NTD transaction fee)
7. Cancellation due to Force Majeure
When there is traffic disruption caused by natural disasters, typhoon land warning issued by Central Weather Bureau, or other unavoidable circumstances that is declared by hotel local authority, change of reservation date or cancellation is available. Deposit is reserved for up to 6 months. For refund, full amount after deduction of transaction fee and credit card surcharge will be refunded